I bet I can guess what you had for lunch today…

A cheese sandwich?….Wrong.

Maybe a ham sandwich?

These are rated The Top Sandwiches…both Warburtons and The British Sandwich Association have held surveys previously to find out the most preferred fillings and both cheese and ham came out on top, or if you’re feeling adventurous, you may even have both!

So why are these the popular choices? I’m guessing you’re either a fan of the simpler things in life, you are choosing what you know (can’t go wrong this way) or maybe it brings you comfort during that break in the middle of a working day.

Back in 2016, Buzzfeed decided to try some weird-but-delicious sandwich combinations which included, wait for it…ham, mayo, cheese and oreos!!!….what?
A lady called Mariana Cardoso decided to swap the butter for Nutella in a ham sandwich and said it was the ‘Best decision ever’ – would you try it? Read more about weird sandwiches here.

I’m going to give you some amazing facts about sandwiches…

1. Six chicken sandwiches are eaten every second in the UK
2. The verb ‘to sandwich’ is 200 years old and means ‘to have a light meal’, it was first used in 1815
3. 11.5 billion sandwiches are eaten by the UK public each year
4. The Earl of Sandwich John Montagu enjoyed gambling and didn’t have time for a meal so he would ask for meat between two slices of bread, other gamblers then asked for a sandwich
5. £7.2 billion is spent on sandwiches each year

Totally Delicious have sold 15,344 sandwiches since the beginning of 2018 and we’re still counting…