It’s world milk day! Any excuse for a celebration…

The number of celebrations is growing year on year since the first world milk day back in 2001.

The FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations were asked to propose a world milk day and 1st June won its place.

What exactly are we supposed to be celebrating? The ultimate focus of the day is to publicise activities connected with milk and the milk industry. Many countries celebrate it on the same day and this shows how milk is a global food to enjoy.

That being said, here are some Totally Delicious milk stats:

  1. The Totally Delicious Tearooms have used 7’322’461 millilitres of milk since the turn of the year
  2. We have served 2,202 homemade shakes at our site – The Kitchen in Flip Out Chester
  3. 31,671 lattes have been served since the 1st January!

And if that wasn’t enough about milk, here is a brain teaser for you:

You have a jug of milk, and you need to measure out just one cup. How do you do this if you only have a three-cup measuring container and a five-cup container? The answer can be found at the bottom of this page.

We are just milkin’ it now.