Trentham Shopping Village
Totally Delicious Restaurant
10% off food at breakfast & Lunch

for annual pass holders


Served 10am to 11.30am

Toast (V) – £2.50
Add eggs of your choice for £1.75.

French toast – £5
Classic French toast served with a choice of crispy bacon and maple syrup or banana and toasted almonds. 

Scrambled eggs & crispy bacon – £6
Freshly cooked scrambled egg on top of toasted sourdough bread finished with crisp bacon. 

Locally sourced English breakfast – £9
Local black pepper sausage, back bacon, black pudding, large flat field mushroom, grilled tomato and Heinz baked beans. Served with a slice of toasted sourdough and eggs of your choice. 

Eggs Florentine – £5.50
Toasted English muffin topped with sautéed spinach, poached eggs, and drizzled with rich hollandaise sauce.

Eggs benedict – £6
Toasted English muffin topped with crispy bacon, poached eggs, and drizzled with rich hollandaise sauce.

Toasted wild mushroom & herb breakfast bruschetta (V) – £6
Toasted sourdough bread topped with sautéed mushrooms and herbs finished with basil oil and pea shoots. 

Children’s Option

Locally sourced mini English breakfast – £5
Our own recipe sausage, bacon, toast, eggs cooked to your preference and optional beans.

Hot Drinks

Tea – £2

Americano – £3

Cappuccino – £3

Latte – £3

Mocha – £3

Hot Chocolate – £3

Syrups – 50p


Served Sunday to Thursday 12pm – 5.30pm | Friday to Saturday 12pm – 9pm

CARNE (Meat tapas) £6 each

Pork belly
Pork belly braised in cider, honey and sage with crackling.

Cider glazed sausage
Wild boar and apple sausage with a sticky cider glaze.

Handmade pork and beef meatballs in a smoky tomato sauce.

Chorizo baked with red wine, honey and thyme.

Lamb meatballs
Handmade meatballs with fresh mint and tzatziki.

Braised Spanish chicken
Slow cooked boneless chicken thigh with cumin, paprika, garlic and tomatoes.

Brisket tacos
Slow-cooked beef brisket served in tortilla wraps with pickled red onion.

Chicken quesadilla with tomato aioli
Chicken, shallot, chilli, coriander and mozzarella cheese in a crisp tortilla wrap served with a tomato aioli.

Black pudding
Black pudding with poached pear & stilton.

VEGETALES (Vegetable tapas) £5 each 

Broccoli & cheddar croquette
Broccoli and mature cheddar croquette.

Spanish cauliflower (VG)
Cauliflower with a crispy paprika coating.

Bruschetta (V) (VG available on request)
Wild mushroom bruschetta tossed in garlic
parsley butter.

Butternut & feta (V) (VG available to request)
Butternut squash, caramelised onion and feta cheese.

Sweet potato (VG)
Lightly spiced roast sweet potato with pomegranate.

Patatas bravas (VG)
Patatas bravas with a spicy tomato sofrito.

Crispy halloumi bites (V)
Crispy halloumi with lime, chilli and an oregano dressing.

Hummus (VG)
Hummus with vegetable crudités.

Pescado (fish tapas)  £6 each 

Lightly dusted squid with lemon mayonnaise.

Smoked salmon arancini
Smoked salmon arancini with horseradish cream cheese.

King prawns
King prawns sautéed in garlic, chilli and lemon.

Tempura prawns
Lightly battered Argentinian red prawns.

Gambas Pil Pil
King prawns tossed in a tomato chilli and garlic sauce. 

Cod goujons
Lightly battered cod goujons served with lemon and tartare sauce.

Cod & king prawns
Cod and king prawns in a white wine and cream sauce.


Smoky caramelised onion burger £15
Homemade beef burger with caramelised onion & mature cheddar cheese served in a bun and chips.

Bacon cheeseburger £15
Homemade beef burger with bacon, cheese, pickles and burger sauce served with chips.

Fish and chips £15
Beer battered cod, chips and minted mushy peas served with a wedge of lemon and tartare sauce.

Tacos (VG) £15
Sweet potato and squash soft tacos served with chips and Greek salad.

Totally skewers £15
A choice of marinated chicken or slow cooked belly pork skewered with peppers and onion served with a grilled tortilla wrap and chips.


Penne con chorizo £12
A spicy tomato and basil sauce with chorizo served on a bed of penne pasta.

Wild mushroom linguine (V) £12
A creamy garlic, lemon and thyme sauce served with wild mushroom linguine.

King prawn linguine £12
King prawn linguine with garlic, chilli, parmesan and olive oil topped with rocket.

Sweet potato salad £12
Butternut squash, feta, sweet potato and quinoa salad drizzled with a pomegranate vinaigrette.

Pear and stilton salad £12
Black pudding, pear and stilton salad with herb infused olive oil.

Add chicken breast marinated in garlic, lemon & thyme to any dish £3

Children’s menu

(under 12’s) – £5.50 inc. drink

Macaroni cheese with crispy bacon

Spaghetti and meatballs

Breaded chicken taco

Chicken burger

Fish goujons



Chips £3.50
Garlic cheese & truffle fries £4
Greek salad £3.50
Garlic cheese ciabatta £3.50
Mac ‘n’ cheese £3.50
Red cabbage slaw £2
Olives & piquillo chilli’s £3.50


Dessert tapas 

Macarons – £4.50

Churros – £4.50

Salted caramel brownie squares – £4

Torte trio – £7 

Triple chocolate fudge gateau – £5

Orange creme caramel with candied orange peel – £4.50 

Cappuccino gateau – £5

Gin affogato – £5

Ice cream – £5

Sweet tooth? 

5 for £20 including tea and standard Americano coffee 


the GIN bar 

Monkey 47 £5
A super-premium gin composed of only the freshest, handpicked ingredients. It is made using 47 botanicals that give it a unique flavour 47%

Far Reaches gin £5
A fresh, zesty, citrus expression of the classic London Dry Gin. Distilled in London in small batches using the finest exotic botanicals 41.3%

Da Mhile Seaweed gin £5
From the Welsh Dà Mhìle Distillery comes Seaweed Gin, which is made with a variation on their small batch gin, and then infused with seaweed from the Newquay coast

Pink grapefruit gin £5
William mafde from chase vodka voted the worlds best vodka, distilled into gin with a refreshing citrus hit enhanced by bitter sweetness of pink grapefruit

1. Choose your gin 2. Choose your mixer 3. Choose your garnish

Tarquins Blackberry Gin £4
Distilled in tiny batches on three unique flame-fired copper pot stills Tamara, senara and ferrara, then lovingly infused with the best and most brilliant berries around. A nose of blackberry
crumble, wild berries and candied spice. Crisp juniper, tart
summer pudding and sweet frangipani. A touch of local Cornish wildflower honey is finally added for balance and subtle

Bombay Sapphire £4
The tantalizing, smooth and complex taste that you experience when you sip Bombay Sapphire gin, is described as fresh citrus and juniper flavours combined with an elegant light spicy finish.

Brockmans £4
Brockmans Gin is beautifully made from the fi nest botanicals, this
is a gin that dares to be different. Brockmans is an intensely smooth gin that tastes great over ice.

Plymouth vintage sloe gin £4
Autumnal mellow fruitfulness in a glass. Hand picked Dartmoor sloe berries are steeped in award winning Sipsmith London Dry Gin to create this wonderfully warming winter toddy, that’s
equally delicious all year round.

Warners rhubarb £4
Dry Gin made with juice from a crop of rhubarb originally grown in
the kitchen garden of Buckingham Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria. An alluring pink colour with a sweet and tangy
royal rhubarb explosion.

Botanist £4
The Botanist uses the classic London Dry Gin botanicals such as lily
root, cassia and cilantro seeds combined with 22 local botanists,
collected by hand by expert harvesters on the island of Islay.

Tanqueray 10 £4
A super-premium gin making perfectly balanced gin tonic and an excellent base for martinis and cocktails. This award -winning product is the only gin in the prestigious globally acclaimed San Francisco Spirits Hall of Fame. Fresh citrus and camomile flowers with a light sherbet and juniper finish.

Choose mixer £2
Traditional tonic, aromatic tonic, lemon tonic, light tonic,
elderflower tonic, ginger beer, ginger ale, lemonade.

Choose garnish
Lemon, lime, orange, cucumber.


Old J rum is the brain child of two brothers from our very own Hanley, their perfect blends of persion lime and vanilla
allow a perfect take on the up and coming rum market. Move over gin there is a new boy in town.
Old J Silver £4
Old J Gold £4
Old J Spiced £4
Old J Cherry £4

Add mixer
coke, lemonade, ginger ale, ginger beer.


Tom Collins £7
The Tom Collins is essentially a sparkling lemonade spiked with a
healthy dose of the juniper spirit. While there is a debate which
side of the pond this drink was born, this cocktail lives up to his classic status with every sip. Gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup,
and soda water.

Pornstar martini £8
The most popular of them all, Smirnoff vodka, Passoa liquor, vanilla syrup, fresh lime and passion fruit, washed down with shot of prosecco.

Espresso martini £8
Not stirred shaken and woken a double shot of our own coffee with Smirnoff vodka kahula and shot of vanilla syrup garnished with coffee beans.

Berry delicious prosecco punch £7
A 125ml glass of prosecco with our own berry mix and raspberry
puree with a hint of sugar syrup.

Hugo £7.50
Elderflower syrup and 175ml of our prosecco, topped with soda and garnished with line and mint. 

Gin & Bubbles £8.50
Tanqueray Gin, served with Prosecco, elderflower cordial and garnished with lime & cucumber.


Elderflower power £5
A trio of fruit cocktail with elderflower, apple juice and sugar syrup toped up with lemonade perfect for a summers day.

Blue monin £5
A multi coloured cocktail with fresh orange, apple and cranberry
juice garnished with orange and lime wedge.

Beer / Ale / Cider 

San Miguel 330ml £3.50 | 660ml £5.50
San Miguel is slowly crafted using a unique yeast and additional malt and hops. Pilsner style lager, golden in colour, sparkling with a white head. Full bodied with a refreshing balance of bitterness from the hops and sweetness from the malt. Its rich, intense and refreshing flavour makes it ideal to enjoy with friends.

Estrella Damm 330ml £4.00
The “beer of Barcelona” A light malty aroma on the nose with a little spice drifting through slowly. The palate enjoys a smooth offering of darker malts, toasted flavours and creamy hops. A slight dryness near the end with a low carbonation.

Trooper ale 500ml  £5.00
Trooper is a premium British beer inspired by Iron Maiden and
hand crafted at Robinson’s brewery. Being a real ale enthusiast,
vocalist Bruce Dickinson has developed a beer which has true
depth of character. Malt flavours and citric notes from a
unique blend of bobec, goldings and cascade hops dominate
this deep golden ale with a subtle hint of lemon.

Doombar 500ml £5.00
An enticing aroma of resinous hop, sweet malt and delicate
roasted notes. The mouth feel is a balanced, complex blend of
succulent dried fruit, lightly roasted malt and a subtle yet
assertive bitterness. The finish is dry and refreshing.

Peroni 330ML 5.1% £3.50
A typical Bavarian wheat beer with the full range of
stimulating fruity beer aromas.

San Miguel (V) (VG) 330ml 0.0%  £3.00
Vegetarian. Vegan. San Miguel 0,0 is a pilsner style alcohol-free lager imported from Spain. It is bright golden in colour, has herbal, floral and cereal aromas, and hoppy grainy flavours with moderate bitterness and sweetness. 

St Peters Gluten free (GF) 330ml £4.50
A clean, crisp, gluten free ale with a pilsner lager style finish. The colour of pale straw with citrus and orange marmalade aromas from classic American hops. Flavours of zesty mandarin, and tropical fruits, give this unique beer a pleasing taste. There is no malted barley in this product. Certified by Coeliac UK as an approved gluten free product.

Sheppys vintage cider £4.50
A fine full-bodied award winning vintage cider with a medium-dry taste and a little added sparkle. This cider is created from a blend of the best varieties of Somerset cider apples.

That’s the spirit

Jameson Irish Whiskey £4.00
The perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness.

Oban 10 year single malt  £5.00
Oban has a sweet, peated nose with hints of burnt heather,
carried through to the palate with just a touch of creaminess.

Monkey shoulder £4.50
Monkey Shoulder uses only malt Scotch whisky from three of
Speyside’s fi nest distilleries. This triple malt is catching the
attention of the country’s leading bartenders for its smooth
and rich qualities, making it ideal for mixing as well as
drinking in the more traditional way.

Jack Daniels  £4.00
This has to be the most famous whisky in the world. Using
pure cave spring water and a unique, charcoal mellowing
process, and ageing in their own hand-craft ed barrels is what
gives Jack Daniels its distinctive character.

Smirnoff £4.00
Grey Goose £5.00

Amaretto Disaronno £4.00
Baileys (50ml measure) £4.00
Tia Maria (50ml measure)£4.00
Courvoisier (50ml measure)£4.00

our soft side 

TD Signature lemonade  £2.80
Come and try our famous totally delicious signature
lemonade choose from raspberry, mint, passion fruit.
All these lemonades are made to order especially for you
to enjoy using the freshest ingredients.

Sparkling or still 750ml £4.50
Sparkling or still 330ml £2.00
Coke/Diet Coke £2.80
Juices  £2.80
Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple
Fever Tree Tonic £2.00
Traditional, Light, Aromatic, Lemon, Elderflower (200ml)
Fever Tree Ginger Beer/Ginger Ale (330ml)  £2.00
Ting Grapefruit Soda (330ml)  £2.00
San Pellegrino Aranciata/Limonata (330ml) £2.80

white wine

Bin 1. Hidden Road Sauvignon Blanc
CHILE Expect a burst of passion fruit and guava from this
delightful Sauvignon Blanc. A simple lift ed floral finish that is clean on the palate.
Bottle £18 125ml £3.50 250ml £6.50

Bin 2. Pinot Grigio Ponticello
ITALY Dry, crisp and fruity with a wonderful hint of lemon.
Bottle £19 125ml £3.70 250ml £6.95

Bin 3. Hidden Road Chenin Blanc
SOUTH AFRICA Aromas of ripe red apple and tropical fruits jump
out of the glass of Healy & Gray Private Cellar Bushvine Chenin
Blanc. Lovely pineapple and lychee flavours fill the palate.
Bottle £22 125ml £4.00 250ml £7.40

Bin 4. Hidden Road Chardonnay
AUSTRALIA Bucket loads of tropical fruits, melon and apple
flavours. A great dry white perfect when throwing a shrimp on the Barbie.
Bottle £23 125ml £4.25 250ml £7.95

Bin 10. Chablis Victor Berard
FRANCE Bone dry white wine that has a full steely palate.
A classic!


Bin 5. Le Farniente Viognier
FRANCE Fresh, floral, extremely fruity, with subtle notes of apricot
and peach. A feast for the taste buds!

Bin 11. Sancerre Domaine Durand
FRANCE This wine is from a small producer who emphasis the
quality. Flinty and fruity, a wonderful nose, with all the classic
flavours that follow.

red wine

Bin 12. San Andres Merlot
CHILE A beautiful bouquet of black cherries and red summer fruits. Soft tannins on the palate make for a very smooth and balanced
£18 125ml £3.50 250ml £6.50

Bin 14. Hidden Road Shiraz
SPAIN Lovely plum aromas with a hint of pepper and spice.
Complemented by a luscious berry palate.
£22 125ml £4.25 250ml £8.00

Bin 15. San Andreas Cabernet Sauvignon
CHILE A lovely Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile with
a classic nose of red berry and rich flavours of blackcurrant
and cherry.

£22 125ml £4.25 250ml £8.00

Bin 16. Cahors Malbec
FRANCE The juicy fruit of Malbec combines beautifully with
the subtle spiciness of Bonarda resulting in a wine which is velvety
smooth on the outside but macho on the inside.

£23 125ml £4.50 250ml £8.00

Bin 17. Campo Dorado Rioja
SPAIN This wine has matured in American oak casks for 12- 14
months and has spicy aromas with moderate tannins on the

£27 125ml £5.00 250ml £9.00

rose wine 

Bin 22. Pinot Grigio Blush Primi Soli
ITALY A very easy style of wine with a soft , refreshing burst of summer red fruits.

£19 125ml £3.70 250ml £7.00

Bin 23. Charlie Zin – White Zinfandel
USA Fruity and fresh with a very pleasant mouth feel. A gorgeous
rosé laden by red fruit and hints of delicate spices. Rich in flavour
with an elegant and harmonious aftertaste.
£22 125ml £4.20 250ml £7.50


Bin 14. Quinson Provence Rose
FRANCE A dreamy soft pink colour. Elegant and fine flavoured red berries with a hint of spice. Lots of finesse, a truly delightful wine.

sparkling wine

Bin 24 Marques de la Sardana Brut Cava
This beautiful Spanish wine is named after a exciting Catalan dance, to reflect the north eastern Spanish background. The bubbles on this Cava are out of the ordinary with aromas of green pears & apple blossom which takes you to a crispy & zesty fruit finish.
£19 125ml £4.00

Bin 25. il Castelli Prosecco DOC
ITALY A lovely straw yellow with a faint greenish refl ecti on in colour. The aroma is subtle with a fruity scent and hints of apple. Along with a dry, crispy and fruity palate which is pleasant and a clean finish.

£26 125ml £5.00

Bin 28. Champagne De Castelnau Brut N/V
FRANCE Lively but gentle with notes of apricot and white peach. The spontaneity and charm of this Brut Champagne make it a natural temptation anytime, day or night.


Bin 29. Champagne de Castelnau Rose
FRANCE Light orange. Nose of nicely ripe oranges with a touch of
milk caramel. A supple, focused Brut rosé boasting a pleasant crisp framework that counterbalances a sensation of firmness on the finish.


Bin 30. Veuve Clicquot Brut NV/ Rose
FRANCE Crisp and full-bodied, this stunning sparkler offers notes of bread dough, vanilla, apple, peach, quince and pecan.


Bin 27. Durbanville Hills Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
SOUTH AFRICA The bubble in the wine elevates both the greener
and the riper tropical elements of the Sauvignon Blanc, resulting in a delightful bouquet of green pepper, kiwi fruit, fi g and


Hot drinks 

Tea £2

Americano £3

Cappuccino £3 

Latte £3

Mocha £3

Hot Chocolate £3

Add syrup 50p