Pancake week, you batter believe it!

Savoury, sweet, English or American, there are plenty of delicious ways to have pancakes. Whether you prefer a breakfast snack, or a more traditional flat pancakes, there are plenty of options for you.

Pancake Day is traditionally set 47 days before Easter Sunday, which means this year it falls on 5th March. But is one day enough, we don’t think so.

If you want the pancakes without having to clean up this year, Totally Delicious have the perfect solution for you. We have three pancake specials on our menu from 2nd – 10th March at both Flip Out Stone and Flip Out Chester, and 4th – 8th March in our workplace sites.

Choose from:
Chocolate sauce and squirty cream
Squirty cream and banana

Whether it’s an afternoon indulgence at work or a treat during your day out, we hope you have a flipping good time.