The fear of missing out…

With a forever changing culture in the UK, the need for FOMO (Fear of missing out…if you didn’t know already) is the new ‘in’ thing. We’re coming up to the school holidays, some have already entered the 6 weeks of fun, joy, dread or boredom…however, you want to describe it, I’m guessing most will experience an array of emotions throughout.

So how has life changed? Remember the days of a countryside walk, playing on your bike with your friends or even a trip to Burger King (wearing the crown hat was just the icing on the cake…) it was enough, it kept the children happy, the wife entertained and even the dogs tail wagging.

75% agreed that FOMO (fear of mission out) is the driving decision to do more.

Why the shift in culture? There are several reasons, one that stands out above most is the social media influence upon us. Firstly, we have influencers flaunting not just products but experiences in front of us, under our noses, its like sniffing the freshly baked bread but not taking a bite…why would you not? Well that’s how we are influenced…WE want, no I WANT what they have, what they feel…give it to me!

The growth in visitor attractions – not just the picturesque walks in our home counties, but the huge trampoline centres in the cities, the indoor ski slopes, the zoos, farms and that delicious donut factory…we are competing against a audience of “I’m taking MY children here” “ok, well so am I”…and not even on day 29 of the school holidays, I’m going now, our photos will hit Instagram first…

Did you know…?
There are over 1.5 billion visitors each year on days out in England with a spend of £53 billion.

Our social lives are now better than ever because of the amount of activities available to participate in and when we do have time, let’s make the most of it. How has this changed our eating habits? Although, still a very sociable experience it is, dining with your better half or the kids, we can’t help but think we just want to scoff something healthy and nutritious, yet substantial before carrying on with the fun activities.

We used to live to eat, we now eat to live. Keep our energy up.

It’s the same at work, our lives are now busier than ever, we have so many tasks to complete each day, the ongoing lists and constant busy-ness of life…we’re looking for something to refuel.

What’s your preferred meal in the middle of the working day? What do you enjoy eating when out for the day with family?

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