Totally Delicious statement to our customers

To all customers

For those who follow Facebook you may have seen a shocking story from The Sentinel today (20th March 2020) that was completely misleading and damaging.

The headline claimed we were closing sites and losing staff.. so I wanted to tell you all exactly where we are at today in this fast changing situation.

Of our 16 stores, 4 are now shut – 3 in the North East at museums which closed their buildings hence we had no choice and all staff are now on unpaid leave until 1st May after receiving their pay at the end of March.

However ALL other stores are open including our 3 sites at Trentham Gardens, Middleport Pottery and all of our workplace canteens.

Our tapas restaurant in Trentham has been badly hit with takings of £20 a day reported this week…however we stay open and have spent late nights with the team setting up Tapas Takeaway which we expect will create real traction and good will.. Mothering Sunday is ON!!! All our bookings have been contacted, no changes here.

In the gardens, we can be the last 2 sites standing with better weather, we are also able to apply social distancing measures with such open spaces it is a good alternative for guests. In fact we are even setting up our events vans on the terrace for more takeaway options as we plan for success through the year.

Workplace performs as normal until workplace sites decide to shut…but so far our partners in business are supporting each other very well.

Right now the teamwork and fight is as strong as ever…staff will see hours drop significantly, but we keep the core together as long as possible until unpaid leave becomes the only option.. but we are not there yet.

Our priority is food on the table and a roof over the heads of our team.

We will survive! We will come out the other side a better business ironically… as we challenge all that is good and bad about what we do.

In fact as a silver lining in the middle of this chaos we are about to announce a new workplace contract award of 2 sites which we will take over in April! That’s some success as we swim strongly against the current.

So to the Sentinel and there headline scaremongering… nice try.. but our people and our community are bigger and stronger than your amateur attempts at journalism.

We will be last site standing and as much as its not business as usual it’s business…nimble, flexible, and positive for our great people.


Dominic Bowers